Returning to the Table

Aug 10, 2018 | 0 Comments

Alright, everyone. Put down those bowls you’ve been eating out of while standing alone over your kitchen sink; it’s time to return to the table. Together.

Just for Fall 2018, we’ve created something we haven’t in a long time — a full collection of plates, bowls, and serveware that are all about shared plates, communal dining, small plates, and plant-based, one-dish meals.

We call it Artist Sketchbook: Farm To Table.



As summer starts winding down to fall, for us, it’s all about tapping into some Danish hygge and getting cozy. And as we do, we’re preparing a few really delicious homemade dishes straight from the garden.

Artist Sketchbook: Farm To Table was inspired by renderings in artists’ sketchbooks, which work kind of like visual diaries for those who see the world with an artist’s eye. The imaginary artist behind these illustrations knows the Latin names of plants and includes color swatches for their still life studies. They’re someone who revels in visual wonders of the garden and thinks of food as art.



Our design department put a lot of care into these illustrations and had a lot of fun hand-drawing and hand-painting every image on these pieces to highlight the natural aesthetics and beauty of the food we eat.


After all, we do eat with our eyes first. Bon appétit!