Back to School, Off to College: A Dorm Decor Guide

Sep 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

It’s fall again, which means a new throng of young people are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime—college.

Leaving the nest brings a flock of questions, including this big one:

How do you make a small, shoebox-shaped space feel like home?

We are, of course, talking about dorm rooms, that tricky fixture of the college experience and rite of passage into independent, grown-up living.

No way around it; dorms—often characterless and a little worse for the wear after many generations of student occupants—usually need some sprucing up.

Here are some ideas about how to create a sense of home and place in your college students’ first independent living space.


Trays are a great way to add some personality atop a desk or dresser or…hung on the wall.

Grab a few invisible plate hangers and affix them to the back of a few of our charmingly adorable trays. You can make a powerful statement with just one, or create a pattern or cluster for an effect that’s a little more dramatic—








To add another touch of something fun and fresh and special, put a ceramic vessel on a desktop to hold paperclips, staples, or other school supplies, on a dresser for jewelry or special keepsakes, or in a bathroom for cotton balls, q-tips, and toiletries. If, of course, your college student is lucky enough to have a bathroom “en suite!”




And one more thing for the wall—maybe a sweet porcelain banner?


All a college student does need is love.

…and maybe, like, a quick nap in the library after an all-nighter. But mostly, love.