All About #Sisterhood

Aug 02, 2016 | 0 Comments


Sunday August 7: All About #Sisterhood

Heads up, everyone—National Sisters’ Day is all but upon us.

The first Sunday of August is a special day set aside for women and girls to celebrate loving each other and having each other’s backs in a big, big way.

Though we don’t ever *need* a reason to get together with our girls, sometimes that little extra boost of motivation offered by, say, a national holiday doesn’t hurt.

If you don’t have a biological sister to celebrate, nbd!

We bet you have a stepsister, sister-in-law, sorority sister, or just a plain old a soul sister who you’d be happy to see or talk to next Sunday.

Reach out and touch her. And, if you really have your act together, maybe send her a little something that says, “Hey, girl, I love you.”



History has taught us that sisterhood is powerful. Seize the opportunity to revel in all of its glory this August 7th!