SuffraGETtes get it done: The original Nasty Women

Feb 22, 2017

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Kate M. Gordon, the women's suffrage movement was strong, fierce and full of women we continue to look up to, especially today. Referred to as "Suffragettes" (a term now held in high regard as the group of fierce women who gave us our rights), it was used to describe a very specific - and controversial - kind of woman. Through the late 19th to early 20th centuries, the Suffragettes were a group of women advocating for women's rights to vote in public elections.

Ambitious Girls Unite

Feb 14, 2017

Sometimes you just need some advice from a girlfriend - but one that's been there, done that. This season, we're introducing our Glam Office collection - inspired by boss women and girls who strive to be the best, bring home the big bucks and do it all in style. Being a career girl is a very special title. Not everyone gets the opportunity, not everyone understands it and not everyone takes the time to master it. It's one of the most special titles simply because… wait… look up. Yes, look up right now. See that? Yeah, being a career girl means you're contributing to destroying that glass ceiling above all of our heads.

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