Don't Just Eat Local--Drink It As Well!

Aug 13, 2015

I recently posted about how I'm obsessed with sweet, juicy peaches right now. They are a guiltless splurge when you want something sweet and succulent. I like to buy them at my local farmers market. (When looking for peaches at the peak of perfection, give them a sniff, not a squeeze.)

Refreshing Peach Pie Smoothie!

Aug 08, 2015

Peaches are in season and nothing would be more refreshing than a Peach Pie Smoothie on a hot summer day!

A Fresh, Fast Summer Salad

Aug 05, 2015

In the hot, hot summer weather after a long day of work, all we really want to do when we get home is snap our fingers and have a delicious, healthy meal appear magically before us.

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